Parenting Orders

Sometimes parents cannot agree about who a child should live with (“day to day care”)  or the other parent’s contact with the child. Alternatively, the circumstances may have changed meaning the current care arrangement is now not working for your child. I can help you resolve these disagreements.

Guardianship Disputes

At times parents and guardians do not agree about things like where the children go to school, where they live, and whether they can travel overseas (these are called “guardianship disputes”). I can help you resolve these disagreements.

How are disagreements resolved?

How disagreements about care arrangements and guardianship issues are resolved, depends on the circumstances. The options include negotiation, mediation or applying to the Family Court.

If a separation is amicable, negotiation and mediation may be appropriate. But if you can’t agree, you may still wish to apply to the Family Court.  If there are safety concerns for you or your child, it may be necessary to apply to the Family Court straight away (safety concerns often arise where there is violence or drug or alcohol abuse). Whatever the circumstances, I can help you.