I can help you resolve how to divide your relationship property after you have separated.

Dividing up property after separation can be difficult.  It involves a four step process.  First, identifying what property is relationship property. Second, ascertaining the value of that relationship property (you may need formal valuations of say the family home or a business). Third, agreeing with your former partner how the relationship property is to be divided. This is usually negotiated between lawyers.  Finally, recording the agreements between you and your former partner in a Relationship Property Agreement.  The agreements reached are then implemented.

The law requires that both parties to a Relationship Property Agreement have independent legal advice before signing it. This means both you and your partner will have to see a lawyer.

At our first meeting, I will explain this process in more detail, start compiling a list of relationship property with you and identify what further information is required.  We will also discuss the likely cost of my service.

Usually relationship property matters are agreed by negotiation. If agreement can not be reached, then it may be necessary to apply to the Family Court.