If you are contemplating separating from your partner or have done so recently, you will have many practical and legal questions which cover a range of family law areas.

Frequent questions include:

  • How will I tell my partner ?
  • How will we now make decisions about our children ?
  • How will I maintain my relationship with the children ?
  • Do I need a Court Order or written agreement to record the care arrangements ?
  • How much child support should I pay ?
  • Who will move out of the family home ?
  • Who will pay the mortgage and outgoings ?
  • What happens to our money in the bank, kiwi saver, investments, business ?
  • Will the house have to be sold and how ?
  • How will I support myself ?
  • Do I have a legal obligation to support my former partner or spouse ?
  • Do we have to go to Court to sort things out ?

At our first meeting I will answer your initial questions, ask you for information and provide preliminary legal and practical advice. I can tell you about the next steps, my services in relation to this, approximate time frames and costs.